Edit Beneficery Information

You can add or edit a beneficiary information record.

To edit the beneficiary information, you need to:

1.  Log into the system as an Employee/ Manager/ HR Manager and follow the respective path to reach employee profile page.

Note: Icon based menu is not available in Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software. Upgrade the product to avail this feature.

2.  On the employee profile page, go to the Personal details from Profile Shortcuts. Click on the Edit button of Beneficiary Information section to edit the dependent details, as shown in Figure 1.

Note: The option to add beneficiary information is available only in the paid versions of Empxtrack.

Figure 1

The Beneficiary Information > Modify page appears (as shown in Figure 2) where you can specify beneficiaries and update the percentage allocation for each one of them. This information is extremely important for the allocation of your benefits (such as retirement funds, insurance etc. as applicable in the company) if you lose your life.

Figure 2

3.  Click Add New Beneficiary button to add a beneficiary record.

4.  Provide the Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Relationship with the beneficiary in their respective fields.

5.  Specify the percentage share of the beneficiary in the textbox labelled as %age Allocation. Click Save.

The beneficiary details are successfully saved and sent for approval. A message suggesting the same appears.

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