Edit Address Details

You can edit your/ employee’s current contact Details, permanent address details, and emergency details.

To edit the Address Details, you need to:

1. Log into the system as an Employee/ Manager/ HR Manager and follow the respective path to reach employee details page.

Note: Icon based menu is not available in Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software. Upgrade the product to avail this feature.

Modify Current or Permanent Address

2. Go to the Contact Details section from Profile shortcuts to edit the current address details  as shown in Figure 1. Click Edit icon.

Figure 1

The Current Address > Modify window appears, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

3.  Provide your house number, street address and area details in the Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3 fields.

4.  Select your Country and State from their respective dropdown, and provide City and area pin code in Pin Code fields.

5.  Provide your alternate email id in Alternate Email id field and telephone numbers  of Office and Home in their respective textboxes and mobile number in the Mobile textbox in the Phone field.

6.  Attach a residence proof document (if any) by clicking the Browse button of Attach Document field and then click Save.

The current address details are successfully saved and are sent for approval. A message suggesting the same appears. The approval workflow used appears at the top of the Address Details >> Modify window.

7.  Similarly, you can modify the permanent address. Click Edit button under Permanent Address section. Modify the details and save changes.

Update Emergency Contact Details

8.  Click Edit button under In Case of Emergency section as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

The Emergency Contact > Modify page appears.

9.  Provide the Name and Relationship of the emergency contact person in their respective fields.

10. Provide the Contact No. and Contact Details in their respective fields.

11.  Attach a related document in the Attach Document field by clicking Browse button and then selecting the document from your computer.

12.  Click Save.

The emergency contact details are successfully saved and sent for approval to HR Manager and a message suggesting the same appears.

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