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Empxtrack allows addition of employees in two ways – upload employee data using a spreadsheet or add one employee at a time. This help page demonstrates steps to add employees one at a time. To upload employee data using a spreadsheet, visit the help page Upload Employee Data.

Watch the video demonstrating 2 quick methods to add employees in Empxtrack

Note: The number of fields to add employee data depends upon Empxtrack product that you are using. Paid version of Empxtrack provides more fields for adding employee data. You can upgrade the free application to purchase additional employee licenses.

Follow the steps to add a new employee:

1.  Log into the system as HR Admin.

2. On the Homepage, click the Manage Employees tab. A page appears as shown in Figure 1. Click the Add New Employee link.

Figure 1

The Add new employee form appears (as shown in Figure 2) where you can fill personal and employment details.

 Figure 2

3.  Input all the mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk (*) and other fields relevant to the employee profile. Add employee details in the specified format to avoid errors.

4.  Provide the e-mail address of the employee in the E-Mail field. Check the box against E-Mail if this email id is to be ignored while sending email from the system.

5. The Status field displays the status of employment as Current as shown in Figure 2. This is because any new employee that you add to the system, becomes a current employee. You cannot add a new employee with any other status.

6. You (or the employee) can fill the remaining information later.

Note: Click on the “+” sign to add new fields for Masters such as Department. Empxtrack allows addition of new masters to map profile fields as per company needs.

For example, consider you hire an employee in IT department to train the employees with the upcoming new technologies. For this you need the training sub-department, which does not exist in the system. In such a scenario, you may need to update the sub-department master to add a new sub-department called Training to it. Instead to going to HRIS to update the sub-department master, you can update the sub-department master from this page only. You can click on the “+” sign to add new fields for Masters such as Department.

7.  Check on the box Send a welcome email to employee once the record is added such that they can update the rest of their information as shown in Figure 2, if you want to  send the employee a welcome mail.

Note: Remember to assign a salary structure to the employee for processing payroll.

8.  In Empxtrack Free Payroll and HR software, employee payroll related data (salary breakup, statutory data, employee preferences for ESI and PF, and leave balance) is updated at the time of adding an employee, as shown in Figure 3. Similarly, you can add basic salary information in the Employee portal application.

a. Provide the breakup of the employee salary in the Salary Information section. You can store monthly or yearly values but the system internally converts this to yearly values.

b. Enter details of all the mandatory statutory documents like Aadhar, PAN, UAN, Bank account and ESI number in the Statutory data section.

c. In Employee preferences section, select the options from dropdown to confirm eligibility of employee for PF and ESI, and select the contribution criteria too.

d. Input leave balance for the applicable leave types.

Figure 3

9. Click Save.

10. The employee is successfully added and a message suggesting the same appears on the screen. The new employee is added to the list of your team members on My Team Dashboard page.

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