Create Expense Sheet

You may need to create an expense sheet to claim the expenses you have made for the company from your company. The request once created needs to be approved by your manager as per the workflow configured by your HR manager.

To view a basic presentation on Travel and Expense module, click here.

To create an expense sheet, you need to:

  1. Log in to the system as an employee.
  2. Go to My Profile >> My Travel & Expenses, as shown in Figure 1.
  3. Click Create Expense Sheet.


     Figure 1

    The Create Expense Sheet window appears, as shown in Figure 2.

    4.  Select the expense type from Expense Type field.


     Figure 2

    If you select Travel Related Expenses from the Expense Type field then you will be allowed to tag an approved travel request with this expense request, as shown in Figure 3. You may need to tag a travel request with your travel expenses in case you have spent more than just the travel expenses while traveling officially.

    For example, consider you have an approved travel request for the ticket expenses you made to visit the client place. However, after getting down from train/ airplane, you had to make some more travel expenses on taxi that you made to reach to the client’s office.

    In such a scenario, you can create an expense sheet (travel type) for taxi expenses and tag travel request with it to suggest that the expenses were made in the same trip.

    5.  Select the approved travel request from the Tag With Existing Request dropdown that appears on selecting the Travel Related Expenses from the Expense Type field.

    6.  Provide a title for the expense in the Expense Claim Title/ Ref field. The tile will automatically appear in case you have selected Travel Related Expenses from the Expense Type field.

    7.  Provide the duration when the expenditure was made in the Duration calendar controls.

    The Advance Paid field displays the advance amount if any advance is paid to you (in case it is travel request)

    The advance payments can be made to employees to facilitate their travel. The advance payments made are deducted from the actual expenses made by the employees at the time of final approval of expenses.

    8.  Click Create Expense Sheet.


    Figure 3

    The Expense Claims window appears, as shown in Figure 4.

    The window displays the expense details for the request that you have created and allows you to add expense legs to the expense sheet. The expense legs are the expenses made in the same period as defined in the expense sheet.


    The window also displays the approval workflow of the expense request with the name of the approvers at each stage.

    9.  Click Add an Expense link to add an expense leg to the request.


     Figure 4

    The Add Expenses Item window displaying the expense sheet details appear, as shown in Figure 5.

    9.  Select the expense type from the Expense Type field.

    The related options for the selected expense type appear on the right side of the window.

    Select Mode of Travel, Class and Mode of Payment from their respective fields if you select Travel type. Select the appropriate Hotel Type and Mode of Payment from their respective fields if you select Stay type and select a Meal Type and Mode of Payment from their respective fields if you select Food type option

    10.  Select  the date of expense from  Date From and Date To calendar controls and then specify the place of the journey in the Place field.

    11. Specify the amount you spent on the selected expense type in the Amount field.

    12.  Select Yes option if lodging is required from the Lodging Required field. Select No option if lodging is not required (in case you are not staying while traveling) else select Self Managed option if you are staying while traveling but managing lodging yourself.

    13.  Click Save to save the leg that you have added or click Save And Add More to save this leg and add more legs to the expense sheet.


     Figure 5

    The expense leg that you have added can be see on Expense Claims page, as shown in Figure 6.

    14.  Select the document that you want to attach as a proof of expense from the Attach a doc before submitting field by clicking Browse button.


     Figure 6

    15.  Click Add Note link at the end of the window to add a note about the expense.

    16.  Click Submit. The expense sheet is submitted to your manager as per the expense flow configuration.

    The expense sheet is successfully created and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 7.

    You can now click View button corresponding to a request to view the request. You can cancel the request if required and add more legs to the request, before submitting it to your manager.


     Figure 7



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