Approve a Travel / Expense Request

All travel and expense requests are submitted for approval before being reimbursed by the company. As a manager / HR manager, you need to approve the travel/ expense requests submitted to you.

To approve a Travel/ expense request, you need to:

1.  Log in to the system as a Manager/ HR Manager.

2.  Click on the View link of the Travel or Expense requests sent to you by your subordinates.

The request can be seen on the home page in My HR >> Activities List >> Received tab, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1

Alternatively, you can go to Manage >> Manager Services or HR Manager Services (in case of HR Manager) >> Travel & Expenses and then click View icon to open the request, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2

The Expense Claims window or the Travel Request window appears, as shown in Figure 3.

3. View the details of the request, verify the amount and view the document ( if attached).

You can view notes added by the employee and add your notes by clicking Add Note link appearing at the end of the window.

4.  Click on the Submit button to accept the request or click Reject button to reject the request or click Send back to Employee button to send the request back to employee for some corrections.


Figure 3

The request is successfully approved / sent to another level  (as per the workflow being used and current workflow stage),  if you have selected Submit option, as shown in Figure 4.



 Figure 4

You can follow the same steps as an HR manager to approve the travel/ expense requests submitted to you.





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