Upload Leave Balances

Empxtrack allows mass upload of employee leave balance using CSV file. This functionality is useful when you have just started using the system and want to upload the current leave data of all the employees. This help page demonstrates steps to upload leave balances for employees by using a CSV file.

Note: The steps mentioned below are of Empxtrack Enterprise product that offers both manual and auto mechanisms to credit leave balance.

To upload leave balances to employees, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as HR manager/ HR admin.
  2. On the Homepage, click on the Product configurations tab. In the Employee self services section, click on the Upload Leave credits link. The page appears as shown in Figure 1.
  3. Click   icon from the step one mentioned on the page as Download Sample Sheet in csv format.

    Figure 1

    The download window that allows you to save the upload leave balance format file on your computer appears

  4. Click OK. The file will be downloaded on your computer.leave-upload-leave-credits6

    Figure 2

    The Opening <import master> page may or may not appear in your browser because its appearance depends on your browser version and your browser settings. If you do not see this dialog box appearing, you can save the target file on your computer and then change the extension of the file to .csv. To know more about saving the import file on your computer, click Save .CSV File.

    You can now open the file in MS Excel. To know how to open the file in MS Excel, click Open .CSV File.

    Once the .csv file is downloaded, you have the format in which the data needs to be put. You can now put the leave data in the file.


    Figure 3

  5. Ensure that dates that you provide, appear in the format mentioned in the .csv file.If dates do not appear in desired format then right-click the date cell(s) in which you are providing dates and then select the correct date format so that date appears in <MM/DD/YYYY> format.leave-upload-leave-credits9

    Figure 4

    Upload the CSV File

    Once you have added the data of all the employees in the csv file, you can upload the file to Empxtrack system.

    To upload the file, you need to:

  6. Browse the .CSV file from your computer in which you have put data by clicking Browse button in  Upload the file once the data is ready to be uploaded text box.
  7. Click on the Upload button.leave-upload-leave-credits2

    Figure 5

    The fields of the CSV file appear with dropdowns having the field name suggested.

  8. Deselect the non-mandatory  field names for the fields for which you have not provided information or don’t want to upload information of those fields if CSV file has data and then click Go.leave-upload-leave-credits3

    Figure 6

    The data that you have uploaded through CSV file appears for you to check and confirm upload.

  9. Click  Confirm.leave-upload-leave-credits4

    Figure 7

    The upload status for each record appears as shown in Figure 8.leave-upload-leave-credits5

     Figure 8

    Note: Upload leave credit functionality is available only in Empxtrack Enterprise product.

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