Capture investment declarations

As a HR manager your duty to verify and record the investment declarations by the employee to save their taxes. Here you will learn how you can capture multiple investment declarations by the employee, verify them and store the declaration and related documents in the application. You can view the declarations for employee for the current financial year, make edits and post verification, mark Proof submitted.

To do this you need to go to the Payroll section in process tab and click on the manage declarations link in the bottom of the section

On the next page, to view declarations by employee, select an employee by typing their name in the search box. Once selected, you can select another employee or clear the current employee.

You can view the declarations made by the employee for a financial year as shown above to capture new declaration please click on add more button as shown in below screenshot or to copy declarations from previous year. You can view in the dashboard about the status of proof of the investment

In case of add more you need to select the type of investment and capture relevant details on the next page as shown below