Disburse Payroll

Disburse Payroll

Once the salary is finalized, the salary needs to be disbursed. The disburse Payroll functionality is the final step of salary processing functionality. This functionality allows you to distribute the salary to the employees. The salary can be disbursed only for employees whose salaries have been finalized. Once the salary is disbursed the employees can view their salary slips.

To disburse the salaries, you need to:

1.  Initiate Payroll Run. To know more about initiating payroll run, click Run Payroll.
2.  Calculate Payroll. To know more about calculating payroll run, click Calculate Payroll
3.  Send payroll for approval. To know more about sending the payroll for approval, click Send Payroll for Approval.
4.  Set Payment Mode.

The set payment mode functionality is optional and allows you to modify the default payment mode of wire transfer for employees. To know more about setting payment mode, click Set Payment Mode.

5.  Click Disburse Payroll link on the left side of the Run Payroll page under Not calculated tab, as shown in Figure 2-15-1.

Figure 2-15-1

A confirmation message about the salary disbursal action appears, as shown in Figure 2-15-2.

6.  Click OK.

Figure 2-15-2

The Run Payroll page displays payroll details of employees with Disburse Date as editable option. For each employee, you need to specify the date on which his/ her salary is disbursed. If the same date needs to be specified for all the employees then select Same for All checkbox, next to the Disburse Date of the first record.

7.  Provide the date on which the salary is disbursed to employees in the corresponding Disburse Date field.
8. Select Same for All checkbox, next to the Disburse Date of the first record to copy the same disburse date in all the records.
9.  Click Disburse Payroll to disburse the salaries, as shown in Figure 2-15-3.

Figure 2-15-3

The salaries are successfully distributed and a message suggesting the same appears, as shown in Figure 2-15-4.

Figure 2-15-4

10.  Click Disbursed tab to view the salary disbursal details of employees.

The Run Payroll page now displays the records for employees whose salaries have been disbursed. The status field displays Disburse status in all the records and the Disbursed tab displays the number of records for which the salary has been disbursed.

11.  Click the corresponding icon for an employee to view the salary slip of the employee, as shown in Figure 2-15-5.

Figure 2-15-5

The employees can now view their salary slips from their login.

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