Configure groups and roles

The Configure groups and roles functionality allows you to create role specific and non role specific group. The role specific filters allow you to declare and assign important roles to employees and the non role specific filters allow you to filter employees on the basis of groups that can be used for easy searching, collective processing, allocation of common rules, and analytics and reporting.

The global groups can be created by Admin, HR Manager and the CEO of a company and cannot be deleted. The global groups can be created as and when required and they will be helpful while you set Appraisal rules, Leave applicability, Assign roles, and Process payrolls.

To understand different types of global groups, let us create two different types of Global groups:

  • HOD Finance & Accounts department
  • Female Employees group

Example 1: HOD Finance & Accounts Department

You can create global groups to create HODs for various departments. This example creates a global group to create an HOD for Finance & Accounts department.

To create an HOD for Finance & Accounts department through global groups, you need to:

  1. Log into the system as an Admin.
  2. Go to Configure groups and roles under General settings.The Setup employee groups page appears, as shown below.The page displays a list of already existing groups.
  3. Click Add new group to add new.

  1. The Add page appears, as shown below
  2. Enter the name of the group in the Please specify a unique name for the group field.
  3. Select the desired role from Step 1: Setup roles  section, if you are creating a role specific group. Else, you can select the Non Role Specific option if you are creating a non specific role group.For this example select the HOD role.
  4. Select the filter criteria for the selection of existing employees to whom this group will apply. .You can select from Employment type, GenderDesignationGradeJob categoryDepartmentLocationFunction, and Region filters to select the employees for the group.For this example select Finance & Accounts department from Department filter and then select All from all other filters.The Finance & Accounts department employees of all employment types, gender, designation, location and region etc are selected for the group.
  5. (Optionally) select specific employees from the Add additional employees as a part of the search results to add specific employees to the group.
  6.  You have to now assign this group to an employee who will be the HOD for the group.
  7. Provide the name of the employee in the Enter name field of the Assign group to employees and give access rights section and then click on the + image to send the employee to the selected list, as shown below.The employee is successfully assigned the group of employees that (s)he will head as an HOD.Now you have to assign the permissions to the employee.
  8. Select Full access from  Assign group to employees and give access rights to provide the HOD full access rights.You can select Read only access option if you want the employee to be able to view all the activities of the employees in this group but should not allowed to take any action on those activities.
  9. Select All modules from Assign module visibility section to allow the HOD to have permissions on all the modules.You can select Selected modules option to allow HOD to have access to only limited modules.

Example 2 : Create Female Employees group

You can use non role specific filter to create specific groups of employees so that special processing can be done for them easily. For example, you can create  groups for permanent, contractual, or trainee employees.  This example creates a non specific role group for the female employees so that benefits specific to women can be provided to them.

To create a Female group of employees, you need to:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from Example 1: HOD Finance & Accounts Department.
  2. Select the Non Role Specific option from Step 1: Setup role section.
  3. Select the filter criteria for the selection of existing employees to whom this group will apply from Step 2: Identify employees section, as shown.In this example, to filter permanent female employees of Administrative Support Workers and First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers,  select Permanent from Employment type list, Female from Gender list and Administrative Support Workers and First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers from Job category List.
    From the rest of the lists, you can select All option. You can also select specific employees to make them a part of the group from Add additional employees as a part of the search results field.


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