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Goal Setting and Tracking

Goal-setting is highly essential for employee motivation and engagement. Setting and achieving goals keeps employees looking forward to new accomplishments, pushing their performance to ever-increasing heights. The good employee goals are specific, time-bound, measurable and reasonably attainable. Empxtrack Goal Setting

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Set up roles

This functionality allows you to create multiple roles (Implied and Relationship based) in the application.  Empxtrack supports 2 kinds of roles  Implied and Relationship based. Both admin and HR manager can set up new roles in the application as follows

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Configure groups and roles

The Configure groups and roles functionality allows you to create role specific and non role specific group. The role specific filters allow you to declare and assign important roles to employees and the non role specific filters allow you to

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Manage custom work flows

Manage custom work flow allows you to create global or specific process wise work flows in application. You can create one work flow and apply to various processes or you can create distinct work flow for a specific process. e.g

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The admin role in Empxtrack provides the right to configure the application and tune various functionality in  available modules according to desired use.  Application administrator can setup various processes, control view and edit rights for each category of user, configure

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Manage Menu Visibility

Manage menu visibility allows the admin to control view of the menu items for users as per their role, group or by specific employee in specific role. To configure menu item visibility for  users as per their role in application

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