Advanced Search

Advanced Search helps in searching employees based one or more filters. The filters are used to create a search criteria.

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To use advanced search, HR manager or HR admin needs to:

1. Click on the Advanced Search icon for selection of specific employees. Empxtrack Search page appears as shown in Figure 1.

2. In the Filter By section, you can search employees based on 4 different parameters. You can either select a Group, Unit, Reportees of a manager or choose one or more Employee details in this section. While selecting employee details, you can refine your search by using multiple search filters like Designation, Company, Department, Location, Employee Status, Grade and Date of joining that help to narrow down the search criteria and obtain specific result.

Note: If you wish to identify a specific employee, directly enter the information in the Employee number and Employee name fields.

3. Select the required option from the dropdown corresponding to the fields.

4. Click Search button.

Figure 1

For example, if you wish to select all the managers from Information Technology group who are serving their notice period then, you need to:
a. Select Information Technology employees from Group dropdown.
b. Select On Notice Period option from the Employee Status dropdown. Select the suitable option from Grade and Designation dropdowns.
c. Click Search. A list of all the managers serving notice period from IT department appears as shown in Figure 2.
d. Select the employees for whom you need to perform the task (like credit leave, capture challan, etc) by selecting the check box in front of each employee. You can select all the employees by selecting the check box in front of Employee No field.
e. Click Select.

 Figure 2

The selected candidates appear in the selected list of employees in the Select Employees field, as shown in Figure 3.
5. If you need to remove an employee from the selected employees list then select the employee that you want to remove and then click on the minus image. The selected employee will be removed from the selected list of employees.


Figure 3

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